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artificial grass rooftop
artificial grass rooftop
fake grass for rooftop
fake grass roof & wall
turf for rooftop

Artificial Roof & Wall Grass

ACT offers Roof & Wall Grass that is not only Anti-UV and insulating but also serves to beautify spaces, ensuring a prolonged useful life. The artificial grass walls for sale provides a versatile solution for enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your indoor and outdoor environments. Our specially designed artificial roof grass is resistant to UV rays, ensuring it retains its vibrant color and structure over time. Additionally, it serves as an insulating layer, contributing to temperature regulation and energy efficiency. With ACT's commitment to quality and durability, our artificial roof grass and grass walls are crafted to withstand diverse weather conditions, providing an enduring solution for your landscaping needs. Elevate your landscaping with artificial grass and experience the charm of artificial green roof.

Features of Artificial Roof & Wall Grass

  • Artificial roof grass is designed to resist UV rays and insulating.

  • Natural looking and and all weather use.

  • Premium commercial synthetic grass, soft texture, low maintenance

  • Made from non-toxic materials, making it safe for use in various settings

Advantages of Artificial Roof & Wall Grass

Aesthetic Enhancement: Artificial roof grass improves the aesthetic appeal of roofs and walls, adding a vibrant and natural element to the environment.

Eco-Friendly: The fake grass for rooftop and wall is sustainable and safe for the environment. It is lighter than natural grass and does not require harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Energy Efficiency: ACT Group's artificial grass walls for sale provides additional insulation to buildings, reducing heat absorption and helping to regulate indoor temperatures. Contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for air conditioning in warmer months.

Stormwater Management: Artificial roof grass aids in managing stormwater runoff by absorbing rainfall and preventing soil erosion.  Contributes to a more sustainable approach to water usage and drainage.

Noise Reduction: Artificial grass for the wall absorbs sound, reducing noise pollution in urban areas. The artificial wall grass serves as a natural sound barrier, especially when installed on walls or other vertical structures.

Cost-effective: Artificial roof grass is specifically designed for enduring durability, ensuring its structure and appearance remain intact over an extended period. This not only contributes to the prolonged lifespan of the roof covering but also adds value to the building and its surroundings, enhancing market appeal.

Options of Artificial Roof & Wall Grass

Explore our selection of artificial grass walls for sale, offering a visually appealing and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wall coverings. These artificial turf roof and grass wall for sale not only add a touch of greenery to your spaces but also create a refreshing and lively atmosphere.

Model NO.colorPile highmaterialwidthShapeBackingAnt i-UV
Lx504 color50mmPE &PP2m or 4mOliveTriple backingYES
Lc404 color40mmPE &PP2m or 4mC shapeDouble backingYES
L404 color40MMPE &PP2m or 4mOliveDouble backingYES
L40w4 color40MMPE &PP2m or 4mW shapeDouble backingYES
L35V4 color35mmPE &PP2m or 4mV shapeDouble backingYES
L30U3 color30MMPE &PP2m or 4mC shapeDouble backingYES
L20U3 color20MMPE &PP2m or 4mC shapeDouble backingYES

Artificial Roof & Wall Grass Gallery

artificial roof grass
artificial grass rooftop
artificial roof grass
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