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Stadium Seat


Key words: Stadium seats, grandstand seating, spectator seats, stadium chair

Items: Ordinary spectator Seat

Project Name: Greenfield International Cricket & Football Stadium

Location: Greenfield Stadium, India

ACT is proud to be the supplier to provide over 35,000pcs of ordinary spectator seats for Greenfield International Cricket & Football Stadium in India over many strong competitors. The item to be selected in this project is our best selling PP injection molded seat with medium back. The whole stadium used multiple bright colors to highlight the passion and energy of sports, which is highly praised by the owners of the stadium.

ACT carries a wide range of plastic stadium seating designs to meet different budget and field requirements. All of our seats are UV resisted, anti-aging and fire-proof. They have the advantages of strong bearing capacity, shock resistance and long service life, applicable for variety of complex indoor and outdoor sports courts. 

Grandstand Seating

Spectator seats

Stadium Seats


Keywords: Aluminum Bleacher, tribune seats, portable bleachers

Item: Classic Aluminum Bleacher project

Project Name: PGA Bleachers

Location: New Zealand

Our aluminum bleachers are extremely popular for clubs and schools in New Zealand. 

ACT’s aluminum Bleachers are available in a number of different sizes, including custom built sizes. They are modular design, light weight, rust-proof. Framework is constructed using good quality welded steel to keep structural strength, with anodized aluminum seat and foot planks to keep the whole structure simple but stable. Whatever the facility you need aluminum bleachers for, they are the most cost-effective way to maximize the number of seated viewers for a particular space.

What's more, these portable bleachers are a great option for shared spaces and easy to store. They can be simply rolled out when needed for use. When the action wraps up, tip the bleachers back onto the swivel casters (optional) and roll them back to storage. Aluminum bleachers are the ideal mass seating system typically widely used in sports fields, arenas, stadiums, schools, conferences, fairs, etc.

Grandstand Seating

Portable Bleachers

Aluminum Bleacher


Key words: team shelter, substitute bench, soccer dugouts

Items: Classic Substitute Bench

Project Name: Highschool Football club substitute benches in New Zealand 

Location: New Zealand

Our classic substitute bench is designed to provide both visibility and protection for sports field stars. The outer panels of our team shelter are manufactured from 3.8mm thick shatterproof polycarbonate. This strong yet transparent material will allow your players to see the game through your team shelter without compromising on durability. 

Another impressive feature is this substitute bench is available in a length which can hold up to 24 players, depending on how large the team shelter you select is. The anti-climb curved shelter design also makes the bench a remarkable scenery on the court.

ACT carries a variety of substitute benches designs, including classic, double row design, VIP and luxury series. We will always try wherever possible to meet different budgets and deadlines through specifying various materials and options.

Substitute Bench

Soccer Dugouts

Team Shelter


Key words: retractable seats, telescopic seating system, telescopic tribune

Items: Electric Telescopic Seating

Project Name: Boxing ring VIP seats 

Location: Kazakhstan

Retractable seating is the solution to accommodating audiences in multipurpose spaces such as halls, theatres or arenas, stadiums or places of worship where the venue space is required to be used for other purposes, at different times. For the this boxing ring VIP telescopic seating project in Kazakhstan, we provide with electric telescopic system with luxury soft tip up seats. When the seating units are extended and locked, the seating is opened for use. When the retractable unit is closed, the space taken by the extended unit is then available for other functions, maximizing the use of the site space.

ACT's telescopic seating system is operational durable enough for the largest arena installation but refined enough for education, arts and conference facility operators. Designed for low maintenance and a long life, ACT's telescopic seating tribune delivers strong financial benefits to owners and contractors.

Telescopic Seating System

Retractable Seats

Telescopic Tribune

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